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Margaux Muse : Srna Vuckovic

SRNAVERSE is her gift to this world & we couldn't think of a better pairing when dreaming up the launch of COSMIC LOVERS (ML's Zodiac Collection).

Here's the low down on Srna Vuckovic our resident astrologer & all round Muse.

whats your sign?

I am a Pisces - However, the more I grow, the more I understand how important the Moon and Rising sign's are. I am a Leo Moon with Libra rising and now I begin to get how these two major sign's impact the different facets of my personality and who I am as a whole. 

why astrology?

I have always been interested in it, even when I didn't really understand it. I find it fascinating. I think Astrology is an Art and a Science, it make's perfect sense to blend together those two and understand the complex characteristic's we all share or have in common based on birth.  I don't mind that so many people laugh it off or dissect it, to me, it's just another level of understanding & knowing. 

How would you describe your style?

I think i'm a good mix of tomboy, simplicity and a touch of femininity. My every day wardrobe stays the same year after year, I love a well fitted pair of jean's, great sneakers, white tee's and tailored jackets! In saying that, it's always fun to switch it up and play a certain character for a day. That's what's so freeing about fashion, you can act out your own dream girl every passing day.

Where do you think your style came from or what pushed you towards it?

My mama's influence in terms of fashion & style has definitely shaped my wardrobe. Being born in Europe, she would often go for a day trip just to shop in Italy, Germany or France. My parents flooded me with old school movies and they created my sense of what style is, intrinsically so. I also think travel has been the cherry on top. Seeing different cultures, how people put themselves together & what there everyday 'uniform' is and how it differentiates from my life etc has been a great source of inspiration & fascination.

What inspires you on a daily basis?

Music, Art, knowledge from book's I read & film's I watch also in general, people I love & respect. I'm always inspired when I'm by the sea, when I have time to imagine, play and draw. Just the vast, cosmic force of the earth & space is enough to make me giddy with amazement!

Key notes/lessons learnt on your journey of discovering your personal style ?

Always be true to you, don't buy into fads and less is more.

Current or all time bunch of words?

I try and read a new book every month or so. I have loved books forever & even won a competition in primary for most books read each year :) Lately, I have been very into the MODERN LOVE podcast - if you don't know what it is, listen! It's brilliant and sweet and moving. I'm also into Kaypacha and the weekly Pele report on youtube, he's a god send. Im currently reading Doctor Sax by Jack Kerouac. The words that most stick for me lately, is from a Nietzsche novel - Thus spoke Zarathustra. He writes 'I am not the mouth for these ears'. Yeah, Wow!

I re- read this novel every few years, & when I recently came across this once more, I was just blown away by the simplicity & electricity of such a true & powerful message.


I rarely drink during the week, so a nice glass of Merlot makes me happy when Friday/Saturday roll's around. I also found out I'm a coeliac recently, and if you know me - you know pasta & pizza are my biggest, ALL TIME vice's!!! So it's been a challenge to get on board with a gluten free diet, but for pizza & pasta I'll try anything.

Also, whenever I'm down I'll watch either Kath & Kim or anything Chris Lilley.


My biggest day dream is to have a beautiful, sprawling house very close to the water, potentially near a cliff..HA! With an incredible garden space and a studio connected with paint/crystals/books scattered everywhere. Lots of kids, family, dogs & my man pottering around. Also, yearly trip's to Italy!!

Current or all time Record/Album?

Music is my big, BIG love. I swear I should of been a producer or maybe I already am in an alternate reality. Lately, I have been obsessed with Serge Gainsbourg's 1968 album 'Initials B.B'.

I love old school european music - especially French, Spanish or Serbian! I honestly can't choose an all time record but my number #1 song for all my life has been Candy walls - Trst.

Depression Cherry & Teen dream by Beach House are two albums I'll love forever and always go back too.

Favourite quote ?

I really like 'Feel the magic in the air & the power in the breeze' & also believe '

Awesome mysterious forces are at work at this time' !!

whats ahead for SRNAVERSE?

A few different, creative collaborations that I'm working on with women that I respect and adore!

Also, a subscription element

& whole new Astro aesthetic !

Watch this space !

Get a daily dose of cosmic insight via Srna's instagram @srnaverse & be sure to check the weekly forecast on our website or direct through SRNAVERSE .


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