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Margaux Muse / Jess aka Good Thanks Studio.

I have never met a more comforting & sweet person, Jess is such a talented hand poke artist that has become a beautifully close friend.

A woman that has truly followed her passion & stuck to her beliefs of creating her tattoos as sustainably & gently to the skin as possible.

I am lucky enough to have a few of her pieces adorn my body & had time chat with this incredibly creative woman ...... here's the tea :

How did GOOD THANKS come about?

It was the perfect collision of events that threw me into making Good Thanks a reality. I had a bunch of subpar tattoo experiences.. they weren’t terrible but I always felt like they could’ve been SO much better. I wanted it to be not just about the tattoo, but the whole studio experience.

One idea led to another and the path in front of me was pretty clear “If I can’t find it… I’ll create it” Welcome to Good Thanks!

What is your favourite thing about having your dream career ?

Literally everything!! Meeting amazing people everyday and the endless creative outlet of tattooing. Working alongside my chief ‘studio happiness officer’ aka Hazel aka my doggo is also pretty dreamy.

What's your typical weekly style/go to outfit?

I’m definitely more about the feel than the lewk. Glorified track pants, baggy t-shirts, sneakers and a splash of ML to top it off. Layer me up, comfort and fabrics are key!

No itchy ones please.

What's your dream fancy shmancy outfit?

I don’t do fancy. Drape me in lethargic loungewear any day. Dream tracksuit? Olivia Von Halle silk and cashmere combo. Kapow!

Fave Margaux Lee Pieces?

Fave vintage ML is the Stella hoops! My EVERY SINGLE DAY earring is the constellation hoops. They’re the perfect size and feel like home when I wear them, I can’t go past these in the lineup! When I need a little glam I love wearing the Sunset Drinks Chain!

What is it that you love most about ML? (Shameless question I know!)

How it makes me feel when I wear it! And the creative soul behind the brand, always lifting others up and living by example. You can feel it in the jewels, I swear!

Playlist/album currently on repeat?

The Row - APRIL 2022

Book you're reading?

The Year Of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion and The Daily Stoic (always!)

Fave Vino atm?

Anything from NGERINGA wines.

Biodynamic, cool climate vino from the Adelaide Hills. Chardonnay is KILLER!

Love you!!

Jess - Good Thanks Studio.

Thanks so much for taking the time to spill your tea for Margaux Muse Jess!

Love you dearly, enjoy ladies!


<< little shot of what I most recently received...


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