Margaux Muse / Penelope Benson.

All time babe & universal treasure Penelope Benson took time out to answer our Qs...

· How would you describe your style?

Every day is a little different but I’ve been working out my style archetype for a little while now which I feel best describes what I’m inspired by, where I draw my inspiration from/ a possible past live/s.. It goes a little something like Ibizan artist/ painter/ tradesperson lol.. mix of derelict, workwear and disco. Over-sized. Mens clothes. Lots of skin or none at all. 

· Where do you think your style came from or what pushed you towards it?

As much as I have rejected it in more recent history, I am coming to acknowledge again that I’ve always loved fashion. I have a Masters in Oppies, I will give myself that and the people that know me best also.. I’m great at it. I have always loved vintage and thrift, much to my mothers distaste. I have always loved expressing myself through what I wear and it’s been nice reconnecting with that and getting dressed again, despite living in Byron where it really is clothing optional. I don't mind that too, though.. just not in July.

· What inspires you on a daily basis?

Food, art, other people.. I am also very motivated by truth and truth-seeking/seekers, beautiful things.. authenticity, in all its shapes and forms. Japan. Bohemia.. And i’m equally most uninspired by bull-shit, in all its shapes and forms. 

· Key notes/lessons learnt on your journey of discovering your personal style?

Don't fucking listen to anyone ie. Don't allow other peoples projections of how they see themselves and the world to influence and shape how you show up. Celebrate what you love and have the courage and zero-fucks attitude to show up as that. Whatever that looks like. Creativity through self-expression is the most beautiful thing and I personally feel we all need to let ourselves and others simply express and way more freely.

· Current or all-time bunch of words?

All time: Anatomy of the Spirit by Caroline Myss, the book that began everything and will probably end it too. A must for all souls living this 3D experience.

· Vice?

Not that I consume it, if ever but definitely not saying I haven’t and won’t again.. I love the smell of Subway? Like I love it. And I love plastic cheese, Singles etc. I guess these are more guilty pleasures.. Punctuation, coffee and musicals would be more my vice, they make me happy and not many know this but I love to sing and I am obsessed with musical theatre and musical soundtracks, and like love God-dy music.. just as an example, I know all the words to every song from Rent but I have actually never seen it. Wicked also. Mama Mia - ooft. Just don't take a date to one ;)

· Daydream?

My Aquarian sun daydreams daily about running off to the bush, or a farm or an island to learn about and live of the land around me and be in sweet ignorant bliss for the rest of my days in the sun, near the sea and with dirt under my fingernails.

· Current or all time Record?

Go Farther in Lightness, Gang of Youths. The album that actually introduced me to the band even though it’s not their first. The passion, the drama, the poetry. I understand it reflects back to me a lot of the things that I am, too. I have always thought it would make the perfect soundtrack to a musical.

Also, off genre, but In Rainbows, Radiohead. I have great memories of a camping trip with a lover that this was the soundtrack to.

· Favourite quote ?

I don't want to be important, I just want to be alive – Persevere, Gang of Youths.

There will be mountains you won’t move – Godspeed, Frank Ocean.

Do you feel that? That’s emotion – Tiffany, Silver Linings Playbook.

Cheers Penelope!

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