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Margaux Muse : Georgie Wood-Weber

Creative Assistant at Chronicles Of Her & current styling muse for ML! Georgie has some seriously awesome style & creative talents, film photography becoming one of them.

Miss Wood-Weber kindly the time to chat with us & show us how she styles Margaux Lee in her day to day...

@georgiewoodweber aka Babe.

How would you describe your style?

Travelling has definitely guided my style choices, I am always taking in the styles of locals on the street, whether that is an old man in Rome or kids lurking on a corner in Berlin.

It is essential for me to show my own version of difference through what I wear. I generally opt for designer vintage or a special piece from an up-and-coming designer and pair that with simple trousers and tops. It is important to develop a sense of what you feel most comfortable in and what you will want to wear 100 times over to make sure you are not constantly buying, buying, buying.

Where do you think your style came from?

My interest in fashion developed young because my mum allowed me to wear whatever I chose, even if that meant I left the house looking crazy. Making mistakes (like dip-dyeing my hair at 15) helped me to realise what I wanted my style to look like.

Growing up, my mum, Monday to Friday was permanently in a suit and for me that became a real expression of power. Since finding all her old suits, I’ve been living in them.

What inspires you on a daily basis?

Photography inspires me. I have an inspiration Instagram called @bygeorgeee which I am slowly curating if you want to see my vision!

What are the top lessons you've learnt on your journey discovering your personal style?

Firstly... dress for yourself.

And secondly (something that I am still learning) is; DO NOT buy crazy editorial style pieces that are not practical for real life. Honestly sometimes it seems like I’m curating a personal fashion archive rather than a wardrobe. My latest of such purchases was a pair of bright-pink knitted Prada full length gloves which I will never be able to wear in Australia.

Current or all-time favourite bunch of words?

I need to read more but at the moment, Lolita.


In the summer, red sangria, and all year round, red wine.


To have a clothing brand with my best friend.

could she be any sweeter? head to this talented lady's instagram accounts to find even more inspiration..




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