MARGAUX MUSE / Mon Barton.

RIGHT SIDE RESIDENT aka Mon Barton is one hell of a creative woman.

The minute you enter the space of this honey you are met with a beaming smile and soft sparkling eyes the kind that are actually hanging off every word you say. Sadly i this day & age it seems rare to find someone that is truly 100% present & listening to you intently whilst in conversation. Mon is a writer of prose, well a writer of all words but her poetry is what oozes from her heart most frequently. She recently turned to film photography just for fun! & of course when fellow creatives saw the raw talent this woman has behind the lens the offers of collaboration started to roll in, along with ours!
"Self Portrait Series"

Mon is the photographer behind our latest shoot "Power In Motion" & she also took the time to take our little MM Style quiz/interview whatever you want to call it.

Sit down get your coffee, crank the tunes & enjoy this little journey into Mon Barton's world.

How would you describe your style?

An absolute mix bag! 90% of my wardrobe is proudly vintage & second hand so I go from masculine to feminine very quickly. I'm either wearing an ex-boyfriends t-shirt 5 sizes too big with vintage levis or billowing blouses and lipstick.

Where do you think your style came from or what pushed you towards it?

Probably comfort above all else and also my lack of commitment to one thing haha! Also that thrill and pure excitement of trawling an op-shop and scoring an epic piece that you’ll have in your wardrobe for years to come, knowing no one else will have the same thing. But to tell you the truth, I’ve always admired those people who have one unique style that everyone knows them for however I do think that the way we dress can be totally dependant on what we want to express that day. If you look at your wardrobe like art you can really have some fun with lines, colours, shapes and cuts.

What inspires you on a daily basis?


Having multiple interactions with strangers every single day is one of the biggest inspirations for me. I will purposely make conversation with someone I don’t know because I want to hear what they have to say, even if their winging about the weather.

I think we can become very rich with knowledge by asking questions and just listening.

Key lessons learnt on your journey of discovering your personal style ?

I think I’m still on that journey but I’m also really comfortable with always being the girl who has a million different styles and confuses everyone all the time, haha!

Current or all time bunch of words?

I Must Be Living Twice - Eileen Myles

Milk & Honey - Rupi Kaur

And anything Henry Lawson writes is wonderful!


Black Coffee and croissants, in which of course you sip and dip with each bite. This could easily be my staple diet if it were labeled as a super-food.


Someday I’d like to spend 6 months living with my grandparents, documenting the stories of their life in Mauritius, their journey of migrating to Australia with 7 kids and now life as great grandparents and then writing a book about it.

Current or all time Record?

Oooh good question… probably the first vinyl I was ever given -

5 by JJ Cale.

Favourite quote ?

“we die. that may be the meaning of life. but we do language. that may be the measure of our lives.” - Toni Morrison.