Margaux Muse/ Mimi Elashiry {isolation edition}.

Mimi Elashiry

- wearing our Thrills co. collaboration Tabitha Chain.

How has this crazy time & huge world shift effected you & daily routine?

It has been a big shift for me as I dance Full time, 6 hours a day 5 days a week moving my body with 25 other people!!! When I'm not doing that i am usually travelling overseas or interstate for work and busy busy bee!

So I've had to really quickly adapt from lots of social and physical stimulation and distraction, to next to nothing! A solid routine and Cooking yummy meals, keeping my supplements up and making sure i am moving my body and Meditating daily...

What are you filling your ears with to get you through?

Fout Tet's new album Sixteen Oceans & my PITCH playlist on Spotify to get me going, in the zone to clean, or do work or go running

What are you reading to fill your soul?

Juliet Allen Pleasure school.

Watching? (aside from phone time)

I don't have my TV plugged in!

What are you finding Ritual in during this period of isolation?

The most import thing for us is to make the most of self isolation by being grateful

for - first and foremost, and taking this time for self care. Really put emphasis on our mental and physical health, especially during such a big shift in our lifestyles which has been neither choice, nor can be controlled by us.


After rolling out of bed and usually hanging over my legs for a little stretch or a tiny  flow. In the morning I like to tune into Sound, Sense, Physical Feeling and try to flow with my current emotional state. Sound could be Music, Nature outside or Meditation. Sense being how your spirit is feeling, and Physical feeling being your body, any aches, pains, fatigue or perhaps you’re rearing and ready to go, bouncing off the walls! I start to mover around in whatever way feels most natural to my body, be it flowy, floaty, bouncing, shaking, convulsing, whatever, for the duration of the song ive chosen or however long i feel is necessary until i naturally want to stop if ive chosen silence.

After this depending how i feel i either train a little, do some yoga, or meditate!

On the other hand, if I’m feeling super fired up,I’ll probably make a coffee (magic mimi morning coffee** of course) and get the ball rolling.

" Radiate from within and you will Receive " .

Love Mimi xx.