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Margaux Muse / Salome

Meet our Muse for the recent campaign shoot "Shifting Focus" - Salome Ochoa.

Salomé is a passionate & driven woman who moved from Colombia a year and a half ago chasing dreams and love.

She has a very powerful willingness & openness to try & explore new things, she has her whole life; when she was 14 years old she left home to go to the USA to pursue her dream of becoming a professional ballet dancer. Despite the fact that she's not dancing in that way anymore, it is still very present in her life.

Salomé enjoys good music even if her favourite song/genre changes all the time.

Her perfect day would go from lying on the beach & watching the day go by while reading one of her favourite history novels, to hiking up a cliff, or challenging herself with new things like playing guitar or doing macrame.

Salomé works in hospitality when in between modelling jobs, She loves connecting with people and even though she has quite a busy schedule, she really prioritises making time for herself & keeping her creative side active.

She enjoys exercising & maintaining a healthy & balanced lifestyle.

Our sweet Muse says the small practices & choices we make daily, are the ones that determine big aspects of our lives. Salomé understands that everyone has different realities & that with all that's going on in the world we, individually, have to find what keeps us sane & grounded.

She believes that it's each individual's responsibility to come up with new ideas to support current changes on the planet. She would love to study Environmental Sociology, to understand why there's such a big divide with nature & to have the knowledge and connections to be able to give back.

At the moment this inspiring Muse we have been lucky enough to work with is in the middle of reading 3 books - The Expected One-Dune-Just Kids , and listening to one of Aubrey Marcus’s podcasts.

ML is all about accentuating your own unique style & helping you express yourself outwardly, it's important for us to show the depth & context to the inner working & the unique qualities the models & creatives we work with have. A picture paints a thousand words.... we think its only fair to give the expression of those words to those that helped us create the imagery.

be kind & share love,

ML xo

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