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$10 from every purchase goes to FLOOD RECOVERY 2022.

I have found Floods Recovery 2022 to be a great place to direct those that wish to help the communities affected by the recent catastrophic floods, with ways to offer help,donations, accomodation & trades as well as also ask for help with these things. It's been a great resource for our communities.

I will be donating $10 from every purchase made until april 13th to these guys.

I will be donating personally as well, as much as I can.

It feels quite icky to even be thinking of getting "back to business"; but this is how I support my family & what I need to do in order to be able to move forward, rebuild & bring an element of positive energy to our days. I feel privileged to do so & am always so grateful to have a creative outlet.

Thank you for all your support & patience during this time,

I look forward to showing you my latest & greatest collection (it's been over a year in the making) very very soon!

stay safe,

Kirby / ML x

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