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Now more than ever so many of us are finding solace in the

stars & some guidance via astrology forecasts.

Margaux Lee is all about helping you feel

comfortable & confident within your body,

so wear your star sign proudly!


What's your sign?

Typically people associate their "sign" with 

the zodiac that correlates with their date of birth.


* see each zodiac chain for date ranges within their description when looking for your sun sign; or a friends when shopping for gifts.

Zodiac wallpaper

Sun Sign :

Style - Life Purpose - Destiny

Our sun sign is the natal chart placement of the sun on our day of birth, The most commonly used placement when reading astrology/horoscopes. 

for eg; D.O.B 17th March = Pisces. 

Our sun sign emcompasses traits signifing our destiny or perhaps what we are here to learn in this lifetime or how we are to learn the lessons we need to learn in order to progress.

Moon Sign :

Emotions - Instincts - Reactions 

Our moon sign is the natal chart placement of the moon the minute you were born. 

The Moon governs our emotions & the way we express ourselves. 


 Ascendant :

Projection - Demeanor 

Our rising sign or Ascendant has pull over the way we present ourselves to the outer world.

Our Ascendant is a very prominent part of our life & the way others may see us, this can give insight into how a person may appear whilst in public.